Bradley Staples



An incredible tool that enables easier detection of content-based breakpoints for media queries in regards to responsively designed fluid-width websites. It allows increment 'stepping' of the viewport width to discover when your website's content layout is failing, and can also animate between a minimum and maximum width to help visualize your design in real time. This allows you to use the content itself as a guide for where to place breakpoints, fulfilling a richer, better experience.

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Remember The Ginger

A fun, fast card game of 'concentration' more commonly known as Match or Memory, simply flip cards over to match them with their twin until you have matched all the cards. The game remembers how many flips it takes you to complete the game. It also monitors time to complete the game to give you a few simple metrics to compare against yourself or others.

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A simple game that lets you flag mines, show empty squares, keeps score and even cheat, if you're so inclined. In addition, you can save and load your game later.

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